Sue’s Corner ~ Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore, Credit-Photographer Sue Barcus

One of our dearest friends, Sue Barcus, recently traveled the East Coast with her husband Bill. Sue’s a professional photographer, and her art has held us enthralled for years. I’m excited to be highlighting some of her photography, in hopes that you will love it as much as we do. Incidentally, she is also Joe’s mentor, and teacher. You can see a lot of her influence throughout Joe’s photography.

A truer friend you will never find, and she’s also great company. She’s quick to smile, and has a terrific sense of humor.  Always active, sometimes you can’t blink, or you’ll have to run to keep up with her as she eyes the perfect shot.

So here’s what Sue wants you to know about her photograph:

This was taken on the Jersey shore in August 2014, around 9:30pm. Knowing Sue, she waited around for the scene to be perfect. Right about the time most photographers leave is when she gets her amazing shots. She used ISO 800 -f2.8 at 1 second, for those of you photo buffs out there.

What I see? In the vastness of the universe, an isolated moment of togetherness makes the world seem smaller, and more intimate. Beautiful.

Give her site a look through – You will be amazed by the quality of her work.


A Golden Opportunity

SSG Anton Kiren, the recruiter from the US Army, recently contacted Joe Urbaszewski at Rim of the World High School, asking him if he would tandem parachute jump with the US Army Golden Knights. He told Joe there was no pressure, but he needed to know in ten minutes. Joe of course said, “Yes!” He was thrilled to be offered the opportunity, as the Golden Knights are very well known for their thrilling acrobatics in air shows.

Joe Urbz, who teaches TV-Video Production, was excited to find out how much the US Army uses multimedia. A videographer jumps with each group to document the maneuvers, for training and competitions. Back on the ground, they use similar video editing software, and techniques that Joe teaches in his classroom. He learned about the individual jobs that each member was responsible for, how they began their careers, and career options that were available in multimedia. It was a great informational day to discuss jobs within the military that align with the ROP classes that Joe teaches.

The Knights Tandem team arrived at Skydive Perris to a foggy, drizzly day. They rounded up the educators, and bounced right into training mode. The educators were instructed in safety and procedures, and had a day filled with lively activities, interacting with the high-spirited Knight’s, and the recruiter group. Joe completed his tandem jump with SFC Brian Sealing, as the weather cleared to a bright and sunny day. Everyone was amazed to see a golden eagle soaring with the gold and black parachutes, as they glided downward through the sky.

As a recruiter, SSG Kiren loves to be able to offer these types of activities to teachers that have gone above and beyond for their students and communities.  Our ROP teachers offer real-world job experiences and knowledge to our students, and deserve recognition for the awesome jobs they do every day. Our interactions with SSG Kiren have shown us that he is not only dedicated to his job of recruiting for careers within the US Army, but works to make sure that our students are educated in the responsibilities of service, so they can make informed decisions. We applaud his honesty and genuine drive to help our students reach their career goals, and give our thanks for his service to our country.

Joe can now say he is part of the VIP group of tandem jumpers, which includes former President Bush, Bill Murray, Tiger Woods and Tony Stewart. Thank you SSG Kiren, and the US Army, for rewarding our ROP teacher, Joe Urbz, with one of the most exhilarating experiences of his life.